Joy and Company Interior Designs is Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Joy Norenberg designs interiors, provides space planning, lighting design, window treatments and bedding, furniture and finishes, carpeting, accessories and artwork, and color consultation. She makes homes beautiful and inviting.

Exquisite Residential Interior Design that Gives You Joy 

Interior Design That Will Create The Home of Your Dreams

There is a real value in a designer far beyond aesthetics. Interior designers know how to work with the trades including contractors, architects and suppliers in order to make your environment look better than you could ever envision on your own.

Come Meet Interior Designer Joy Norenberg & Explore the Design Showrooms at International Market Square (IMS) in Minneapolis. Several times a month from 10 a.m.–4 p.m., Joy Norenberg is the official designer of the day at IMS. 

The largest home and commercial interior design marketplace in the Upper Midwest, IMS is open to the home/commercial design community and the public. Visitors are invited to explore 70+ showrooms, studios, shops, galleries and restaurants.

5 Reasons to Hire An Interior Designer


(1). Better Results & Better Value: The expertise of an interior designer  will help you get better results and better value from your design choices and purchases.

(2). Great Resources & Better Pricing: We know where to find what you want and usually at a better price than you think. We have accounts and relationships that allow us to get materials and goods for better prices than you can from a retailer and we know where to go to get the best quality for your budget.

(3). Work with Trusted Contractors & Suppliers: When you have a contractor that has no taste or may try to charge you more than is best for your project, I can save your dream from becoming a nightmare. I can prevent you from hiring someone who is not the best choice to begin with,since I have my own contractor resources that have proven to be reliable and competent.

(4). Effective Project Management: I will keep you focused, on budget and on schedule. 

(5). The Home of Your Dreams: You will take pleasure in having a home that is a place personally tailored to you. My goal is to help you create a home that will bring you joy!

Call NOW  952-546-1298 to schedule a design consultation.

Joy Norenberg will personally answer your questions and give you advice about your options and pricing for your home and office interior design needs. 

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